A story of love…a God-given love between a mother and her daughter who is blessed with Down Syndrome

Masterpiece Quilts is Born

by webmaster on October 26, 2009

When a child comes into the world, it seems that the possibilities are unending as to who they might be.  We wonder, “Will they be another famous baseball player, a doctor, or maybe even the president?”

However many questions we ponder, we never usually ask moms, “How far will your child go in life?”  It doesn’t even cross our minds.  But for a child with special needs, that question is often asked.  I heard that question many times, yet it never offended me.  I simply replied, “How far will Emily go?  As far as God wants to take her.”

It has always been the prayer of my husband and I that God would glorify Himself through Emily and through us as we raise her.  So as we approached the near end of Emily’s “teens”, we brainstormed as to how to help her with her future.  One night it came.

I was sewing for a ob/gyn office when I needed a creative outlet.  I took the scraps of the fabric I was using and quickly sewed a small baby quilt.  I hoped to give it to the first baby born at the office’s new location.  When I was finished, I realized it had a flaw in it.

As I contemplated that “flaw” (which is known in the quilting community as a “humility square”), the creative juices began to flow.

“Hmm, I wonder if I could teach Emily how to sew?  I wonder if we could make quilts with an intentional ‘humility square’ to represent the extra chromosome with which God blessed Emily?  Oh!  We could bless others with special needs babies!  We could encourage them that the ‘something different’ square would not affect the warmth and comfort their quilt would bring, likewise their baby would bring warmth, comfort and joy, even if all the squares weren’t symmetrical.  We could tell them that the ‘Comforter’ is ready and waiting to help them through this revelation of and the raising of a special needs child.  Oh! We could offer quilts to any baby, special needs or not!”

And thus, “Masterpiece Quilts” was born.

Emily’s Quilted Creations

Since we started the business in 2008, Emily has designed and help sew over 500 quilts. Every quilt has one square or fabric different from the rest. Can you find it?

Here is a sampling of some of Emily’s quilts. You can see the rest of them on our Facebook page.


Quilting and the World
March 13, 2017

We are living in a very interesting, but often scary time in this world. We watch with sadness as nation against nation and brother against brother escalates. Some wonder if peace will ever come. We all long for world peace…and peace will eventually come…but maybe not in the way many expect.

And though we are living in a terrifying age, it is also exciting. Many authors wrote down future events and how they would come to pass. These writings were compiled in a single book…which is the most loved and the most hated book in the world…the Bible. Today we are seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled almost daily!

You might wonder what this has to do with quilting. Here is that answer. When a quilt is made, perfectly good fabric is cut apart into pieces. Sort of like what is happening all over the world. But the quilter takes those pieces, carefully makes a beautiful design, and sews the pieces back together again.  When the quilt top, batting, and backing are put together, the entire thing is stitched ever so tightly together. The end result is beautiful! And it brings great comfort to the recipient.

One day Jesus will make all things new, and peace will come. The stitching of His time will also make all things beautiful. But in the meantime, if you need some stitching to close up gaping wounds in your life, God is there. Cast your care on Him. He cares for you.